PT. Consment Jaya Teknindo

About us

At the beginning of the formation of the company, is still classified as a small scale company (in the form of CV) in 2013. But the company is able to compete in the world of industry, building and office by following technological progress at that time. Due to the growing demand and needs in the industrial world. Then CV.Consment Teknindo try to follow the development of these technologies, such as by raising the quality of CV to PT. So that in May 2015 PT. Consment Jaya Teknindo officially established.

With the changing quality of the company, the scope becomes more widespread. Currently the scope of the company covers Mechanical Works, Electrical, Building Automation System (BAS), PLC & SCADA Control System, Instrumentation, HVAC System and Electronic System (CCTV, MATV, Fire Alarm, Data, Phone and Sound System) When PT. Consment Jaya Teknindo already has many human resources capable and mastering the field of work. With banayaknya channel partners in the construction world of PT. Consment Jaya Teknindo is increasingly recognized and professional.

Company profile

Address : Jl. Soekarno hatta ruko metro No. 725 K, Bandung (Indonesia)
No phone :(022) 733 5524

Tanggal : 16 Febuary 2015
Top Name :PT. Consment Jaya Teknindo
Notary :Deni S. SH. MKN
Vision and mission

The vision of this company is to promote quality and technology in Indonesia with human resources in Indonesia. So that human resources in Indonesia will be able to compete in other countries. The mission of this company is to build the country of Indonesia to be more developed and can compete with other countries

Company motto

Being honest and fair is the value that underlies the steps in work. Professional and royalty values ​​are highly maintained to uphold the work both within the company and outside the company. Has a sensitivity to the environment and proactive role in accordance with the company's competence.

Scope of work

Manufacture and repair of instrumentation control system, electrical and mechanical. Installation and procurement services of HVAC system, fire alarm system, MATV, CCTV, data, access control, telephone and sound system. And much more work-both consultant planners and field work.

The Team